Next Exhibition: Art in the Gardens Sunday 9th July - 0 comments
We are next exhibiting with the White Rose Artists on 9th July along the Colonnade towards the bottom end, near the entrance that is opposite the Pump Room.
We always enjoy our days setting up next to a great group of artists who are all very talented in their different genres.
Our Official Photography For The Whitby Goth Weekend - 0 comments
This website is intended mainly to show and sell our landscape photography, but a few people have also been asking about the official photos we take for the Whitby Goth Weekend every 6 months. Therefore, here's a link to our WGW collections on Flickr from over the years:

Or if you wish to see the albums all grouped together:

Please note that the most recent WGW was at the beginning of November (2016), but our photos for that won't be added for while yet.
Go large. - 0 comments
If you have a big wall to fill, why not go large..We haven't put all the possible sizes on here, so if you would like an extra large canvas or print just message us your requirements.
New Photos From the University of Leeds Campus - 0 comments
If you are interested in photos that Paul has taken around the campus at the University of Leeds, we have uploaded some new (and some older) images on our "UoL_Scoop" Flickr account, which we could also print if requested. You can see those here: UoL_Scoop on Flickr